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Jenny Gibb

Senior Lecturer – Strategy & Human Resource Management

Senior Lecturer – School of Management, Marketing and Strategy

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Waikato Management School
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New Zealand
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Jenny Gibb (PhD) is a behavioural strategist who explores new ways of organising capability in goal setting environments. These forms of organising begin with understanding the psychological drivers and interdependencies between self and others. She is a senior lecturer in the Department of Strategy & Human Resource Management at the Waikato Management School. Jenny teaches in the areas of strategic entrepreneurship and innovation and strategic management. In 2009 Jenny was a recipient of the University of Waikato Staff Excellence Award for Teaching.


Recent Selected Publications (2016)

Gibb, J. Sune, A., & Albers, S. A. (2016). Network Learning: Episodes of Interorganizational Learning towards a Collective Performance Goal. (European Management Journal accepted)

Harris, C., & Gibb, J. (2016). Strategies to Prepare and Plan for Market Shocks: A Study for NZ Businesses. The Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, 12(1) 77-111.

Yaghoubi R., Yaghoubi M., Locke S., & Gibb J., (2016). Mergers and Acquisitions: A Review - Part I, Studies in Economics and Finance, 33(1), 147-188).

Yaghoubi R., Yaghoubi M., Locke S., & Gibb J., (2016). Mergers and Acquisitions: A Review - Part II, Studies in Economics and Finance, (accepted).

Scott, J.M., Sandhu, N., Gibb, J., Hussain, J., Akoorie, M. & Sinha, P. (2016). ‘Women entrepreneurs, informal finance and microenterprise growth in rural India: an exploratory study’, (Book Chapter accepted)


Papers under Review / Conference Papers

Gibb, J., Billinger, S. & Haar, J (2016). ‘When should managers set subordinate goals? Investigating managerial goal setting discretion. (DRUID, Singapore)

Gibb, J., Albers, S, & Sinha, P (2016). Coalitions, Identity and the Goal Process: Developing a Dual Regulatory (AOM, 2016)

Sinha, P., Gibb, J., Akoorie, M., & Perias, I. (2016). Entrepreneurial Action Drivers: Sustaining International Success in a Second-generation family (under revision)

Albers, S., Schweiger, B., & Gibb, J. (2016). Inter-organizational Capabilities and Network Member Dynamics", (AOM Conference)

Akoorie, M., Scott, J.M., Gibb, J & Sinha, P. (2016). From the old to the new: Contextual insights from the history of entrepreneurship in emerging economies, 1952-1972, (under journal review)

Collins, E., Gibb, J., Connelly, H., & Pavlovich, K. (2016). The Circular Economy Business Model: 3R Imagining a World without Waste," (under journal review)


Current Research Projects

Perceptions of control in goal directed action

Conscious awareness in decision making

CEO cognitive drivers in the goal process

SMEs and self-regulation in the goal process

Cognitive Trust and Guanxi


Teaching Papers (2016)

STMG524 Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice (Masters Paper). Focuses on Opportunity Creation and Discovery and cognitive drivers in entrepreneurial decision making

STMG321 Opportunity Recognition (3rd year Paper Entrepreneurship) Involves opportunity identification using idea generation and problem solving techniques (e.g. design thinking).

STMG222 Navigating the Competitive Landscape. Combines strategic management theory and practical application of key strategic management analysis techniques (online)


Doctoral Students

N Wasala: The interactive effect perspective of cognitive psychology on small business entrepreneurs

M Wang: Entrepreneurial Intuition and decision making (in progress)

F Sidek: The impact of spirituality on the risk preferences of key decision makers in an Islamic Organizations’ (under examination September 2016)

J Allot: ‘Impact of learning and trust regarding Guanxi on Small Business’ (completed 2016)

Master Projects (2 paper)

D Moudry: Feminine / Masculine Traits in Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition